Still Spirits Top Shelf Advocaat Cream

A Creamy custard liqueur with a smooth vanilla flavour...


Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Air cooled still, 4 litre capacity, 220 volts, 320 watts...


Still Spirits Air Still Companion Pack

Contains a 10 litre fermenting vessel with lid and tap, along with the Air Still filter, collecting ..


Still Spirits Air Still Filter & Collector

Contains the Air Still filter and a collecting/measuring jug...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Cinnamon Whisky

A sweet, warming whiskey with a fiery cinnamon hit. Similar to Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. 50 ml bott..


Still Spirits Alembic Condensor

Copper pot condensor from Stil Spirits. Includes digital thermometer and hoses. This Alembic Pot St..


Still Spirits Alembic Copper Dome

This alembic copper domed top fits on to your Still Spirits T500 Boiler. This can be used in place o..


Still Spirits EZ In-line Filter

Fast, clean, easy to use. Simply attach in place of your Z Filter cartridge to convert your filter..


Still Spirits EZ Filter Large Cap

The large cap is for the EZ inline filter. It goes over the spindle and closes the filter housing at..


Still Spirits Classic Highland Malt

A Highland style single malt whisky with scents of lemon zest, toffee, apples, and subtle coconut no..


Still Spirits Air Still carbon cartridges

Box of 10 small carbon cartridges for the Air Still filter. Each cartridge will filter/treat approxi..


Still Spirits Air Still fermentation kit

The Air Still fermentation kit contains Still Spirits Triple Distilled turbo yeast, turbo carbon and..


Still Spirits Bourbon Staves 200g

Nice big chunks of oak from ex-bourbon barrels. Ideal for longer aging...


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