Still Spirits Icon Coffee Maria Top Up Liqueur Kit

A rum based, coffee liqueur popularised in the Caribbean. Just add alcohol and water and shake. Add ..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Caramel Vodka essence

Our caramel vodka has a smooth caramel flavour. Delicious on ice, in a mixer or served over ice crea..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Cherry Brandy

Brandy liqueur with sweet cherry flavour balanced with the almond flavour from the kernal. Uses Stil..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Irish Mint Cream

Whiskey based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavour and a delectable hint of mint...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Peach Schnapps

Sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches...


Top Shelf Carob Notes

A chocolate grain flavour that results from the use of some mildly roasted grains and can also be co..


Still Spirits Caramel

Tinting Agent.Add to adjust the darkness of spirits. Measurements are included in the Whiskey Profil..


Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast

Still Spirits Classic Turbo is an excellent all round turbo yeast with a good temperature range. For..


Still Spirits Icon Herbal Liqueur Top Up Liqueur Kit

This strong liqueur is a reddish brown German style herbal liqueur. Serve extremely cold. Just add a..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Chocolate Mint

Chocolate based with a clean refreshing mint aftertaste. Uses Still Spirits Liqueur Base B...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Dark Rum

This tasty Australian style rum is rich in burnt sugar and oak flavours..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Marula

Flavoured with the distinctive taste of Marula berries found only in southern latitudes of Africa...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Pear Schnapps

A delicate Pear Schnapps...


Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

Liquid carbon for adding to the wash to adsorb fermentation by-products. Will help give a much bette..


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