Still Spirits Top Shelf Chocolate Cream

Chocoholics will love this full flavoured double chocolate cream Liqueur...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Feijoa Schnapps

A liqueur with the unique New Zealand flavour of Feijoa...


Still Spirits Vodka (Makes 1L)

This superb pure-bred Russian-style vodka essence is anything but plain. Perhaps a better name for i..


Top Shelf Whiskey Profile "D"

Used as a base for making Whiskey in the Whiskey Profile Kit. Refer to the recipe booklet provided w..


Still Spirits Bourbon Staves 500g

Nice big chunks of oak from ex-bourbon barrels. Ideal for longer aging...


Still Spirits Distilling Conditioner

Add to the wash in the still to prevent foaming. Especially needed if the wash has not fermented to ..


Still Spirits Icon Coconut Rum Top Up Liqueur Kit

Mouth watering combination of Caribbean white rum and fresh coconut. Just add alcohol and water and ..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Bourbon essence

A dry style of bourbon with full flavour, typical of the well aged sour mash whiskys...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Candy Shots

A liqueur with a sweet confectionary flavour. Uses Still Spirits Liqueur Base A...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Hot Cinnamon Schnapps

Think of the fragrant flavours of hot cinnamon...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Irish Cream

Whiskey based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavour...


Top Shelf Astringent Notes

A sharp bitter astringent flavour that helps to add some bite to the Whiskey...


Still Spirits Classic 6 Fermentation pack

Contains one each of Classic 6 yeast, Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear...


Still Spirits Glycerine

Add a couple of mls per litre of spirits to give a silky mouthfeel. If the spirit is harsh then Stil..


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